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Mark Dixon
If you have ever contacted us for a renewable energy system then you’ve probably spoken to Mark. He is the installations manager and oversees the whole process from start to finish.

Adrian Limon
Adrian has sold hundreds of solar panel systems and is an expert when it comes to the technical side of things. He loves advising people on existing and emerging renewable technology.

Cameron Donoghue
Cameron is the in-house electrician who takes the lead when it comes to installing solar pv. He has hundreds of installations and a lot of happy customers to his name.

Andy Mackay Building
Andy is one of our key roofing contractors who has been with us since day one. He heads up a tight-knit team of roofers that have plenty of commercial and domestic installs under their belts.

Jim Williams Roofing
Jim is also one of our roofing contractors and a specialist when it comes to roofing. He has worked in the industry all of his life just like his father before him.

About Us
Why are we called My Contribution?

Even as we shift away from the subsidy driven renewable energy boom, the fact is more and more people are turning to renewables to meet their energy needs.

Traditional carbon-based energy costs are unpredicatable, so many want to insulate their energy payments from the shocks. Increasingly, however, consumers want to make their own small contribution towards averting climate change.


In 2015 almost every nation on Earth signed up to make its own contribution to reducing global warming.

Of course, many citizens and businesses don’t need to be told the importance of playing their part.

My Contribution recognises the call to action for those who are ready to do their bit – for you, for us and for the planet.

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