Energy Efficient Products

Reduce your energy bills and save money.


Energy Efficiency

Simple changes in your home and lifestyle can affect the way you consume energy. Energy efficient products are becoming ever more affordable, meaning that you can reduce your carbon footprint whilst at the same time, saving money. Find out below how we could help you become energy smart and save on your bills.


Home Monitoring

With home monitoring systems you can view your homes’ energy consumption live by using a device with a simple internet connection. You are able to see detailed statistics about your homes energy consumption, historical usage and can also tell you when you have improved your usage habits. User configurable tariff settings will allow you to calculate what you have spent within a day, week or month. If you want more information about home monitoring systems please contact us here.

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Low Energy Lighting

Lighting is an application we use every single night and will always be a necessity. With new LED lighting you can switch to bulbs which use up to 75% less energy than conventional light bulbs. This could be a simple step to becoming more energy efficient and changing your usage habits. To enquire about LED lighting for your home, click here.

self consumption products
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