Use all the free electricity your solar panels produce.


What is Self-Consumption?

Self-consumption is a simple as using the energy your solar pv system produces. Up until now, most people could only use the free electricity from their solar panels during the day whilst it’s being produced. With advances in technology there are more sophisticated devices that manage your free electricity to minimise the amount you send back to the grid. These devices can heat your hot water or even store them in batteries for when you really need that free electricity. 


How does it work?

During the day though, your solar panels are likely to generate more power than you are able to use at that time. If you don’t have a battery storage system or your battery is full then you will be sending your electricity back to the national grid. Rather than give that excess electricity back to the grid, it makes sense to use it to heat your home or hot water.

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Hot Water

There are a couple of devices which can heat your hot water tank, for free! Water heaters account for nearly 17% of a households energy costs, more than any other appliance. So having free hot water could seriously reduce your energy costs. The hot water add-ons to your solar panel system redirect the electricity that you are not using and use it to heat your hot water tank. This reduces the amount going back to the grid and gives you hot water instead.

self consumption products

Storage Heaters

With devices such as the immersun, you can add extra applications to it such as storage or panel heaters. Instead of your solar panel electricity being exported back to the grid you can re-direct it to heating your home. Once the system is installed there are no ongoing costs to pay this means you start making savings on your bills right away. If you would like more information then call our team.

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Add More Panels

Under the latest feed-in-tariff review, you can now add up to 10kW of solar panels on your home and get paid the highest feed-in-tariff rate for it. You cannot export more than 3.6kW of electricity, however you can store the extra electricity in batteries to use in the evening meaning you can be self-sufficient during the day and night. Alternatively you can use the excess electricity to heat your water or heat your home.

Low Energy Lighting

Save More Money

You already have the solar panel system in places, so now all you need to do is use as much of the energy as possible. With the help of self-consumption devices you can use more than ever, meaning you can save even more money on your bills.

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