Home Energy Monitoring


*Installation is subject to electrical layout of your home.

Energy Monitoring

Home energy monitoring allows you to view your home’s energy consumption in real time. This will allow you to take control of your energy usage and find ways to save money on your bills. Home monitoring can now be accessed via a number of ways including your desktop pc, laptop, tablet or even your smartphone. Below are some home energy monitoring systems our team can install.

Home Monitoring

Solar PV Monitoring

We can install a solar pv monitoring system which will monitor the generation, import and export from a home with solar panels. The smart monitoring device can show you live readings with 12 second intervals and can even monitor historical data such as your usage habits. The user can configure details including their cost of electricity and feed-in-tariff payments, this will allow you to see what you are saving and how much money your solar pv is making you. You can access the monitoring from anywhere in the world as long as you have a internet connected device, including android and ios smart phones.

Home Monitoring

The home monitoring system works in a very similar way to the solar pv monitoring. It can monitor the import and export of electricity from a single phase supply. The monitor will keep a historical account of your usage so you can see your usage habits. The great thing about being able to see how you consume energy is now you will be able to adjust the way you use it to save you the most money. The online dashboard can be accessed by an internet connected device anywhere in the world. 

solar pv monitoring

Features of the Home Monitoring

  • Energy data is automatically and continuously collected and stored
  • Real time accumulated data can be viewed via web browsers, including ipads
  • Clear summary information with trend indicators
  • Easy to read graphs
  • Print or download graphs
  • Supports economy 7 tariffs
  • Software is updated to provide access to future features and services