What is the ImmerSUN?

The ImmerSUN is a device which helps you consume the electricity generated by your solar pv. With smart software the ImmerSUN can redirect the spare electricity generated by your solar panels in to heating your hot water, underfloor heating or even storage heaters.


How does it work?

The immerSUN monitors the power that is imported and exported from the grid and essentially manages it for you. The device reduces the amount of power you send back to the grid by utilising the energy for your home first. This means you can save money by heating your hot water tank for free, with electricity that would otherwise be exported back to the grid.

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Hot Does it Help?

The immerSUN allows you to use all the electricity that would be sent back to the grid. You can store the energy as hot water instead of paying to heat your hot water with energy from the grid. It could save you up to £250 per year.

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Without immerSUN


With immerSUN



Does it affect my Feed-in-Tariff

No, the immerSUN does not affect your Feed-in-Tariff payments. You will still get paid for every unit of electricity that your solar panels generate and you will still get paid an additional export tariff for 50% of what your solar generates. The great thing is that you can still use 100% of your energy, and the immerSUN helps you do that.

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What are the benefits?

  • Reduces your energy bills by up to £250 annually
  • Utilises up to 100% of your free electricity generated
  • Easy to read LCD to see your import & export data
  • Fully programmable boost function, for all heat sources
  • Controls up to three heaters
  • 3 year product warranty
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
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