System Performance Review

Get your annual solar panel system performance review

System Performance Review

System Performance Review

You have made a large financial commitment by installing solar PV so you want to get the best out of it. In order for you to maximise the energy your system produces and increase the savings you’re making, then your system needs to be kept in great condition. Although your system is more than likely to be 100% working, without having the necessary checks, you may never really know.

System Performance Review

What is it?

A solar PV System Performance Review works in a similar way to servicing your car, our electricians check your system thoroughly from top to bottom. Regular checks prolong the life of your system and ensure it is in full working order, meaning your system will work to its potential for years to come.

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How Often Should I Get My System Checked?

We recommend that you have your solar PV system checked a minimum of every 2 years but some customers like the reassurance of annual checks. Our electricians have installed hundreds of solar PV systems meaning they are experienced enough to quickly find and diagnose any problems your system may have.

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Why do I Need a Review?

Although it is a proven and stable system, solar PV is just like all other technology, and as with any technology it can develop faults. It is easy to forget to monitor your systems output especially if you have no means of online monitoring, meaning that a problem could go undiagnosed for months. Our electricians can run diagnostic checks on your systems to ensure the inverter, solar panel modules, isolation switch and cables are all in good working order.

At the end of the service you will receive a report relating to the solar PV system, a performance assessment and an annual certificate of conformity. With our proven installation and track record you can rely on us to ensure that your system is maintained to the highest achievable standard and that you continue to achieve the maximum possible financial return on your asset investment.

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What Checks are Made?

  • Test of current devices to ensure they are in good working order
  •  Inspect electrical connections for corrosion and ensure they are secure
  • Check enclosures are secure and IP rating is maintained
  • Check the earthing system is intact and up to standard
  • Ensure the insulation of live parts is undamaged
  • Inspect inverters and the generation meter, and check readings are the same.
  • Compare DC results with old ones
  • Take generation meter reading and ensure you are on track with annual generation
System Review
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