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Solar PV – Frequently Asked Questions

  • You may see the term ‘solar PV’ used across our website and it stands for ‘solar photovoltaic’ meaning solar panels that produce electricity. This term is used to differentiate between solar thermal and other types of solar panels.

  • The inverter converts the DC (direct current) electricity energy produced from your solar panels into AC (alternating current) electricity which you can use around your home. It is a core component in a solar PV installation. 

  • We use industry standard manufacturers on all of our installations. We will advise you and help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing your solar installation.

  • It is all dependent on the size of your system. Before you sign a contract our team will survey your property and give you an estimation figure based on the size of system, pitch and orientation of your property. A typical 4kWp system will generate in the region of 3,500kWh.

  • The amount of money you make depends on the Feed-in-Tariff scheme which we approved installers for. We will provide you with a benefits sheet which will give you all the figures of your payback over 20 years. As well as getting money from the Feed-in-Tariff you will also save money by using the free electricity to power home appliances.


    When there isn’t sufficient light or you need to use more power than your solar panels produce then you simply draw electricity from the grid. Remember that solar panels even work on cloudy days!

  • Whatever you don’t use will be automatically exported back to the grid. We recommend installing a battery storage system or self-consumption device to use the excess electricity when you can’t use it all.

  • The majority of the time you do not need any planning permission, however if you have a listed building or are in a conservation are then please give our team a call and we can advise you. Our number is 01834 888330.

  • Yes, it is now compulsory to have an EPC with a band D rating to claim the Feed-in-Tariff. Our surveyor will give you a pre-EPC estimation to advise you on whether your property is or can reach a band D. We also issue a fully certified EPC certificate after your installation is complete with the new rating.

  • We use a range of panel manufacturers which vary in physical size and performance size so if you have a smaller roof we can install less panels but with higher performance to compensate for less panels. If there isn’t enough room for the size of system you want then it’s possible to have a ground mounted system.

  • This is a common myth that you need a South-facing roof to install solar panels but in fact East/West splits work just as well as a pure South-facing roof. We install solar panels on all types of roofs, orientations and pitches across Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire. Our surveyor will advise you on which system best suits your roof.

  • No, leave that with My Contribution. We are certified to notify building control on your behalf. You will receive your building control certificate after the installation is completed.

  • Your solar PV will not work and for the safety of the engineers working on the line your solar PV system will need to be shut down simply using both DC and AC isolaters. Our electrician will explain the system on the day of installation to make sure you are aware of how to operate the system in such instances.

  • To fully install a typical 4kWp system it usually takes one day. However for larger systems or tricky systems it could take longer this will all be discussed during your free site survey.

  • We are now fully certified SolarEdge installers, one of the leading solar panel monitoring manufacturers. With SolarEdge technology you get free online monitoring on your PC, tablet or even smartphone. If you have another type of system we have products such as the OWL to help you monitor your financials.

  • With all of our installations you get a full 10 year workmanship warranty. On our SolarEdge products you get 25 year optimiser warranty and a 12 year inverter warranty with an optional extension of up to 25 years! Please ask our team more about warranties when you have your free site survey.

  • We take as much of the paperwork from you as possible, we usually ask you complete the Feed-in-Tariff forms which we provide and our electrician will ask you to sign a commissioning certificate once you’re happy with the installation. We take care of everything else and provide you with a handover pack which includes all warranties, instructions and information.

  • Yes, we can install solar panels even if there is no access to a loft.

  • A lot of our customers install an ImmerSUN which uses the surplus electricity from your solar panels to heat your immersion tank. There are other ways of using the electricity your solar panels generate such as storing it in a battery to use in the evenings and night.

  • Solar panels gradually degrade over time. They only degrade by roughly 15% over 25 years but some high quality panels can only lose 2.5% of power so your solar panels can last much longer than you think!

  • No, with SolarEdge technology we fit optimisers to individual panels, meaning that if a panel is partially shaded it won’t affect the whole system. With the free monitoring portal you can see exactly how the panels are affected by shading.

  • We usually recommend installing the inverter in a garage, utility room or even outside. Inverters work best when they are kept cool and have enough of an area to ventilate. 

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