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Battery storage for your home is the next step to becoming self-sufficient. Battery storage technology for your home is safe, reliable and clever. Now you can utilise the clean and renewable energy your solar pv produces when you need it most. My Contribution are proud to say we are authorised installers for Tesla Energy. Find out how the Tesla Powerwall could help you on your journey to energy independence.

Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall is a wall mounted Lithium-ion battery designed for domestic properties to provide emergency power, self-consumption, energy storage and other applications. The Powerwall works with your solar pv inverter to control and manage your solar pv energy generation. The Powerwall is seamlessly mounted to your wall and gives you the flexibility to draw from your own renewable energy reserve.

tesla powerwall battery storage

Harness Renewable Energy

The Tesla Powerwall system cleverly manages your energy consumption by storing any energy which you are not using and then allows you to draw from your reserve at your convenience. The Powerwall communicates with your solar pv inverter to manage your energy consumption and storage.

Harness Renewable Energy


The Tesla Powerwall stores all of your solar pv surplus energy in its 6.4kW Lithium-ion battery, so you can use it when you really need it. The Powerwall can also charge during low rate periods when the demand for electricity is lower and then discharges when electricity rates are higher.

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Power your home using your own, clean and renewable energy using the Tesla Powerwall’s 6.4kW battery storage. Utilise the energy when you need it most whether it’s during the evening or the morning. Now you can self-consume more of the energy you generate where and when you need it.

Harness Renewable Energy

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