Solar Panels

We are approved installers for one of the leading Solar PV technology manufacturers SolarEdge. The solar PV systems we install are optimised against shading, tested for fire safety and backed by a 10 year workmanship warranty. Your project is in safe hands, we've installed solar PV systems across Pembrokeshire for the last 10 years. Our customer reviews speak for themselves!

Solar Panels

Battery Storage

My Contribution are Certified Tesla Powerwall installers, only one of a few in the UK. You can save your electricity for when you want it the most. Our battery storage systems store your solar generated electricity so you can use the free electricity when you get home. We install Powerwalls all across West Wales, including Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire. Find out more about how you can upgrade your system to include battery storage.

Battery Storage

EV Charge Points

Get your own charge point fitted to your home. We fit OLEV certified charge points for homes and businesses throughout the whole of Wales. Have you just got your first electric car and need a charge point?

EV Charging

System Upgrades

We install the best solar panel technology that's available. Our systems are optimised against shading, tested for fire safety and backed by a 10 year workmanship warranty. We can help you invest your money into a reliable source of electricty, so you can save money.

Solar Upgrades

Upgrading Your Inverter

If you have had your solar PV system for a long time, then you are most likely your inverter is suffering from one or more of the problems below. Over time, things degrade and this isn't any different for solar panel equipment, trees grow and things get dirty, all of this will be affecting your solar panel ouput. This is where a new inverter from SolarEdge could pay for itself, check out our upgrades page for more information.

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Solar panels work when they are clean and free from dirt. Over time a build up of dirt, dust and even bird droppings can cause your panels to be less efficient.


Shade on a solar panel that is connected to an old string inverter can severly affect the ouput of your system. It covers the solar cells, limiting the electricity they produce.


Over time, with exposure to the elements, solar panels can degrade. Some panels can be affected more than others, but on an old string inverter it will affect the whole system.

Faulty Panels

You're only as strong as your weakest link. If one panel isn't pulling it's weight because of a fault, the rest of your system suffers to. Something a new inverter can rectify.

"First class service all round, couldn't fault it, nothing was too much bother. Staff very friendly, helpful & extremely tidy, wouldn't have known they had been 👍"
- Hayden Baker, Pembrokeshire
"My Contribution Ltd sent round an excellent team of fitters for our solar panels who were knowledgeable, friendly and tidy. They completed the work in time and were a joy to have in our home."
- Elisabeth and Mark Shaw-Brookman, Pembrokeshire
"We've had our PV panels from My Contribution for over a year now. The installation was quick and trouble free. The staff are friendly and very helpful."
- Peter Stace, Pembrokeshire