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How much electricity can solar produce in Pembrokeshire?

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Would it surprise you if I said that a solar panel system could produce enough energy to meet more than half of your homes energy needs?

We’ve got our fingers on lots of solar PV data from SolarEdge technology. We can see exactly what a solar panel system generates at any point in the day, week, month or year, it’s that precise! Let’s take a look at what a typical solar panel system in Pembrokeshire generated over the last week. With the beautiful weather making a welcome appearance in the county, it’s no surprise that a lot of electricity was generated.

Wednesday 15th June

A typical solar panel will vary its generation dependant on what sized panels you install; the typical size of the solar panel is 250w. This means that when the solar panel is working at its peak, it will generate 250 Watts of electricity. To install a typically sized system, we connect 16 panels together into a circuit which collectively gives you a generation of 4kWp (Kilowatt peak) system. Looking at recent data from one of our installations in Pembrokeshire you can see from this chart that the system was almost maxing out at 2 pm on Wednesday 15th June with a whopping 3.5kWh being generated. This means that most of the panels were almost reaching their peak and producing 250 watts each.

Throughout the rest of the day, the system actually generated a total of 25kW, which would have been enough to supply a lot of your household appliances throughout the day. Looking at data from the Domestic Energy consumption report (2015) it was reported that an average household consumes around 4,115kWh of electricity per annum. This means that with an average solar panel system producing 3,500kWh of electricity per anum there is more than enough energy to nearly satisfy your energy needs. Take a look at our table below of household appliance energy consumption so you can see solar panel generation in an everyday context.

 We understand that you wouldn’t be in all day, every day to use every single drop of energy, however, this can be maximized by using battery storage and self-consumption devices, both designed for you to benefit from all the free, green energy. Give our team a call to see if we could help with your projects on 01834 888330, we'll be happy to hear from you.   

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