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SolarEdge Monitoring – Top 5 Benefits

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We live in a world with information at our fingertips including detailed information on how our solar panels are performing down to individual panels at any given time.

Have you ever wondered if your solar panels are working properly, or even at all? Do you want to know exactly how they are performing without having to physically check the generation meter? If you said yes to any of those questions, then worry no longer. Solar PV monitoring is here and itÂ’s so much more useful than you could have thought. So what are the advantages of monitoring systems?

  1. Information

    The information that you gain from a monitoring system can help determine the amount of energy your solar produces at certain points in the day, month, week and year. ItÂ’s extremely useful in helping change your energy consumption habits and can save you money by planning your next wash or tumble dry.

  2. Solar panel function

      ItÂ’s possible to monitor individual panels to determine the output of that panel. It can quickly pinpoint any underperforming panels without having to get every panel taken down and tested. Advanced monitoring systems such as SolarEdge go as far as having a live system schematic to quickly give you an overview of your system. Being able to monitor your panels this closely will effectively give you more control of your system.

  3. Professional Monitoring

    ItÂ’s possible to let a local company monitor your system for you and alert you if something is out of the ordinary. We regularly keep an eye on all of our customerÂ’s solar panel systems who have has SolarEdge monitoring installed and we usually know about and fix a problem before they even know about it.

  4. System Optimisation

    SolarEdge optimisers also offer panel optimisation by managing each solar panel on an individual basis. This means that you can not only monitor each panels performance but it will improve the overall productivity of your system. It also incorporates a DC (direct current) safety system which will reduce the DC string voltage to a safe extra-low voltage when the inverter is disconnected.

  5. Worldwide Access

    The monitoring portal from SolarEdge is accessible worldwide with your unique login which is provided by your solar panel installer. You can view your solar panel systems performance almost live anywhere where you have a tablet, smartphone or computer with internet access. ItÂ’s perfect for keeping an eye on things when youÂ’re on holiday.

Remember that this is just a brief overview of solar panel monitoring and that your local certified SolarEdge installer can go into more detail of this fantastic system.

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