Immersion Control and Heating for Solar

With an immersion control device, the excess energy created by your solar panels can be used to heat your home or your water. You can have free hot water without even doing anything, it's all controlled automatically by Eddi or the Solic Immersion control system. Take a look below at the two devices and get in touch if you need more information or would like to book your install.

Use the electricity from your solar panel system to save money on your energy bills!

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Eddi by

Eddi works by managing the energy from your solar panels. It can detect when you are not using the energy from your solar panels and divert the energy into something useful, like heating your home or hot water. There is also the optional extra of having an app so you can remotely control your Eddi.

Sample Eddi Screen Example of Eddi managing the electricity to heat your home instead of sending it to the grid.
Tesla Powerwall Specification

Solic 200 by Earthwise

The Solic 200 is an smart immersion heater controller which will manage the energy coming in from your solar panels and direct the energy to your immersion heater before the electricity is sent to the grid. If you're and don't have a chance to use the electricity your solar is producing, this is a perfect solution to use the energy and not lose it to the grid.

Tesla Powerwall Specification
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