Solar Panel Installers Pembrokeshire

We bring cutting edge solar technology to Pembrokeshire. Our solar panel systems are designed and installed with optimisation in mind. Our team of solar engineers are accredited to install solar pv safely on your home or business.

Use the electricity from your solar panel system to save money on your energy bills!

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We are authorised SolarEdge Installers

SolarEdge Technology

SolarEdge is a global leader in smart energy technology. Their products are all designed with optimisation and safety in mind. SolarEdge systems take care of everything, from optimising individual solar panels to converting the electricity for your home to use. Unlike traditional string inverter systems, SolarEdge combats the negative affects of shading, panel degradation and even faulty solar panels by managing each panel individually. My Contribution are certified SolarEdge installers, get in touch to find out more.

Tesla Powerwall Specification

More Energy

SolarEdge gets more energy by reducing the loss of energy from defective or shaded panels. This is done by managing each solar panel separate to the others.

Superior Safety

As well as being compliant with most standard safety standards, SolarEdge have a built in SafeDC™ feature which reduces the voltage from the solar panels to a safe level when the inverter shuts down.

Module-Level Visibility

SolarEdge sends all of the data from your system to an online portal for you to monitor. It will provide all of the information from the system generation down to individual solar panel generation. It will also provide notifications when your system isn't working.

Optimised Panels

Turn your solar panels into smart solar panels with SolarEdge Power Optimisers. Fitted to each panel, the optimisers can monitor individual panels for performance, faults and even improve a systems performace that's suffering from shading issues.

Optimize Solar Panels

Smart Inverter

The SolarEdge inverter combines sophisticated digital control technology with super efficient power conversion architecture. It works hand-in-hand with SolarEdge power optimisers to increase your solar panel productivity.

Real Time Solar Panel Monitoring

SolarEdge offer free 25 year monitoring with their systems. The monitoring can be as simple or indepth as you’d like from the whole system performance down to individual panel performance.

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